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    1. Plug-in type Fiber Optic Beam SplitterThe plug-in type fiber optic beam splitter can be used in LAN, WAN and metropolitan area network, realizing various beam splitting channels.
    1. Rack Mount Fiber Optic SplitterThe rack mount fiber optic splitter can be applied to CATV system and passive optical networks, and feature a high return loss with excellent repeatability.
    1. Plastic Module Fiber Optical SplitterThe plastic module fiber optical splitter has the advantages of low insertion loss, low polarization correlation loss, and high reliability.
    1. Tray type Fiber Optic Beam SplitterThe tray type fiber optic beam splitter features an excellent in performance, which is applicable to LAN, CATV and fiber testing equipment.
    1. Mini Module Fiber Optic SplitterThe mini module fiber optic splitter can provide full band (1260~1650nm) uniform optical signal distribution.
    1. Bare Fiber Optic SplitterThe bare fiber optic splitter featured by low loss and high reliability can provide beam splitting channels of small size and high density.
    1. Our adapters have a low loss and high temperature resistance, which makes them ideal for use in optical fiber communication, LAN, telecommunication equipment and more.
    1. 1x2 Fiber Optic CouplerXinHaiXun is a supplier of optical passive components, and our coupler can use any combination of fiber connectors, such as LC, LC/APC, SC, SC/APC, FC, FC/APC, ST.
    1. 2x2 Fiber Optic CouplerThe 2x2 fiber optic coupler is widely used in long distance telecommunication companies, CATV systems, optical fiber sensors and local area networks.
    1. We provide WDM wave division multiplexer modules with a low polarization loss and high channel isolation, conforming to Telcordia GR-1221-core and RoHS standards.
    1. The MPO fiber optic cable connector is in full compliance with IEC 61754-7 and GR-1435-Core standards and regulations. Due to the extensibility and modularity of the product design, it is easy to move, add, and change components.

Xinhaixun provides a wide range of passive components for fiber optic communication systems. We design and manufacture fiber optic splitters, patch cable and cord, fiber optic adapters, couplers and connectors. These components are designed to support cost effective fiber optic network systems, FTTH systems, ODF equipment, and CATV systems. We utilize high quality production equipment in order to handle high precision manufacturing of fiber optic PLC splitters and chips. Each PLC chip is tested with high precision instruments. This allows us to offer quality fiber optic components at competitive prices.