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Fiber Optic Splitter

Our fiber optic splitters are used in CATV and PON, and are capable of achieving different beam splitting channels, turning 1 into 2 to 1, and so on, all the way into 128.

    1. Plug-in type Fiber Optic Beam SplitterThe plug-in type fiber optic beam splitter can be used in LAN, WAN and metropolitan area network, realizing various beam splitting channels.
    1. Rack Mount Fiber Optic SplitterThe rack mount fiber optic splitter can be applied to CATV system and passive optical networks, and feature a high return loss with excellent repeatability.
    1. Plastic Module Fiber Optical SplitterThe plastic module fiber optical splitter has the advantages of low insertion loss, low polarization correlation loss, and high reliability.
    1. Tray type Fiber Optic Beam SplitterThe tray type fiber optic beam splitter features an excellent in performance, which is applicable to LAN, CATV and fiber testing equipment.
    1. Mini Module Fiber Optic SplitterThe mini module fiber optic splitter can provide full band (1260~1650nm) uniform optical signal distribution.
    1. Bare Fiber Optic SplitterThe bare fiber optic splitter featured by low loss and high reliability can provide beam splitting channels of small size and high density.

Xinhaixun offers customers a variety of fiber optic passive components, a specialized fiber optic splitter manufacturer and supplier, we are offering a wide range of fiber beam splitters, optical patch cable, optical adapter, optical coupler, WDM, MPO connector. Use quality manufacturing and testing equipment, we provide quality optical fiber splitter component for fiber optic communication and networking applications.

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