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Fiber Optic Coupler

Our couplers are made of 900µm loose tube fibers or 250µm bare fibers, and are available in 3 fiber modes: single mode, multimode 62.5 and multimode 50.

    1. 1x2 Fiber Optic CouplerXinHaiXun is a supplier of optical passive components, and our coupler can use any combination of fiber connectors, such as LC, LC/APC, SC, SC/APC, FC, FC/APC, ST.
    1. 2x2 Fiber Optic CouplerThe 2x2 fiber optic coupler is widely used in long distance telecommunication companies, CATV systems, optical fiber sensors and local area networks.

Xinhaixun offers customers a variety of fiber optic passive components, a specialized fiber optic coupler manufacturer and supplier, we are offering a wide range of fiber beam splitters, optical patch cable, optical adapter, optical coupler, WDM, MPO connector. Use quality manufacturing and testing equipment, we provide quality optical fiber coupler component for fiber optic communication and networking applications.

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