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Fiber Optic Splitter Manufacturing Workshop
Beam aligning workshop

The fiber optic splitter manufacturing workshop covers an area of about 2000 square meters, with 30 production staff members working in accordance with industry operative standards on the production line. As an important step in the production process, each specific process has a display for reference, then the glue treatment is to be completed by an automatic glue machine.

  • Beam aligning processing
    Beam aligning processing
  • Glue dispenser
    Glue dispenser
  • UV processing box
    UV processing box
  • Shelf classification and placement
    Shelf classification and placement

To ensure the overall performance of the products, all the products after finishing processing will be put into the UV box to remove the adhesive force of the fittings, and then be placed in classification on the batching rack for later assembly.

High low temperature cyclic test box

The laboratory is set up mainly for guaranteeing the performance of electronic products, equipped with several non-stop testing experimental equipment which connects with the data analysis system to automatically analyze the status of the tested product. The equipment can continuously operate for more than 100,000 times to detect the performance of the products.

Beam aligning workshop

In order to better reveal the performance of the products, a variety of destructive experiments are carried out in the laboratory to ensure the high quality of the product.

Packaging workshop

The fiber optic splitter packaging workshop covers an area of about 300 square meters and sets up 5 production lines, mainly to carry out optical testing of the products. Glued in our company's unique way, the products are guaranteed the firmness during use.

  • Optical testing
    Optical testing
  • Semi-finished product of fiber optic splitter
    Semi-finished product of fiber optic splitter

The test is mainly to put the product on the equipment for application, scanned by the digital equipment, the specific parameters of the product can be obtained.

  • Multichannel welding machine
    Multichannel welding machine
  • Product packaging
    Product packaging
  • Plastic box packing
    Plastic box packing
  • Fiber winding clamp
    Fiber winding clamp

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